Our vision, mission and values

CATLUX, we are the Engineering Energy Efficiency, which aims to improve the profitability of our customers´ facilities, reduce the cost of your energy bill, increase the impact of your business to the public, while maintaining or increasing the brightness in each case end of their facilities.

We have in our hands the best technologies and Microled PLUS LED, which with a reasonable investment and easy repayment, will help you improve your facilities   leveraging the savings of your own consumption.

The immediate future shows that we have to invest efficiently in order to improve the modernization of our companies ensuring we match the industrial and technological standard required by our environment. This leading edge approach will enable us to prosper getting us properly integrated into the European Union and a more competitive and globalized world.

CATLUX is a team composed of qualified professionals which offers the most efficient solutions tailored to each customer needs. We act as fully engaged partners working hand in hand to achieve the expected objectives.

In our performance, high quality, the product warranty period , the way how we execute, our experience, commitment, reliability and performance are values that sustain our growth and strengthen our credibility with our customers and differentiate us from our competition,

On behalf of the entire team, CATLUX thank you in advance for the confidence, to allow us to make you a proposal to optimize your energy consumption.

We are convinced that we will exceed your expectations and that our advise will deliver strong returns on your investment.

We remain at your disposal for any queries you deem appropriate.

The CATLUX S.L. Leadership Team