Energy saving


The increasing demand and the depletion of the traditional energy sources, as well as the environment contamination caused by gaseous emissions highlight the necessity of a new responsible energy model, based on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

MICROLED PLUS technology, developed and commercialized by NEOLUX, is focused on a sustainable future based on energy lighting efficiency. This provides a 75% electric power savings and reduces CO2 atmospheric emissions.

Energy saving of MICROLED PLUS is based on two main techniques:

1. A great lighting energy capacity, 90-130 lm/W.

2. A high lighting efficiency of the lamps, which focus the surface target without reflection losses.

Our technology, applicable to any use of artificial lighting systems, offers a wide range of interior lighting solutions, where MICROLED PLUS is at service of commitment to energy sustainability, without renounce design.

NEOLUX has created a new range of products for the replacement of lighting in homes, hotels, city halls, medical centers, universities, etc which installation represents a 93% saving

The reduction of the consumption and heat emissions, energy and economic saving, visual comfort and careful design, are some of the advantages of our self-made product. We have all the certificated required by the EU, CE marking and RoHs certificate.