Public and institutional lighting


Industry specificities

Energy costs and in particular the cost of lighting, represent one of the largest operating expenses on a quantitative level in the institutional sector.

The optimum illumination of public roads and institutional buildings, reflects the proper functioning of a city, and mirrors the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Certain management habits, maintenance and use of obsolete technology and equipment, often leads to generate a high maintenance cost structures and excessive energy costs, eroding the profitability of the institution and thus unnecessarily increasing the indebtedness of the population .


There are currently highly profitable solutions which generate consumption reductions of up to 80%, aimed at achieving energy savings in street and Institutional lighting to improve the light quality of the roads and buildings maximizing the impact of this item which can be easily and quickly incorporated.

The option of fully autonomous solar street lights without network connection and therefore without consumption and maintenance costs, is a reality with Microled Plus luminaries.

In CATLUX, we analyze all energy variables to the smallest detail, allowing us to know with full accuracy, how energy is consumed on the premises.

Once all the factors are analyzed, we propose a set of measures to come up with savings fully adapted to the real needs, which are presented following a profitability ranking . Right after we present the implementation plan offering different solutions like renewal and substitution projects replacing LED lighting elements and Microled Plus or including new facilities and equipment which incorporate complementary elements. All of them as turnkey projects ensuring all objectives are achieved.


1.-Energy audits.

2.-LED and Microled Plus lighting.

3.-Consumption monitoring.

4.-Renewable energy facilities

5.-Installation of capacitor banks, etc…