Hospitals and nursing homes

Industry specificities


In buildings devoted to healthcare, energy costs represent one of the largest operating expenses on a quantitative level. Quite often maintenance managers do not have enough knowledge about how, how and when this energy is consumed in most cases.


This fact, together with certain management habits, maintenance and use of obsolete technology and equipment, often leads to generate a high maintenance cost structures and excessive energy costs, eroding the competitiveness by increasing the operational expenses of the facilities.



At present there are many highly profitable solutions aimed at achieving energy savings in health care, which can be incorporated easily and quickly. However, not all are suitable for all cases.


In CATLUX, we analyze all energy variables to the smallest detail, allowing us to know with full accuracy, how energy is consumed on the premises.

Once all the factors are analyzed, we propose a set of measures to come up with savings fully adapted to the real needs of the Center, which are presented following a profitability ranking . Right after we present the implementation plan offering different solutions like renewal and substitution projects replacing LED lighting elements and Microled Plus or including new facilities and equipment which incorporate complementary elements. All of them as turnkey projects ensuring all objectives are achieved.






1.-Energy audits.

2.-LED and Microled Plus lighting.

3.-Consumption monitoring.

4.-Renewable energy facilities

5.-Installation of capacitor banks, etc…