Microled Plus


PLUS get up to 15 Microled lumens per watt consumed (up to 130 lm / W).

Compare this data with other technologies.

Microled PLUS is the technology that delivers more light per watt consumed

(I + D + i).

The reduction in consumption and heat emission, energy and cost savings, visual comfort and thoughtful design are some of the advantages of our product, manufacturing and technological expertise.

We have all the certificates required by the EU, the EC market . We count as well on the RoHS certification.

Our technology has succeed Microled stress testing carried out by independent laboratories which ensure a life without performance decreases over 50,000 hours.

Save up to 93% of the lighting electricity consumed .

Greater protection against peaks.

Zero light pollution.

Low environmental pollution.

High quality of lighting.

Very affordable prices with a quick payback based on economic savings.